Episode 50: The Timeline Catastrophe

The Caverns of Time: Tanaris
As I marched down the sandy entrance to the Caverns of Time, I looked to my left and saw Salonis and Keiara. To my right, Evanor and Tabetha had joined me as well. The teleportation had been simple enough with three magi to make it happen. Now, here in the cave, it was time to get some answers.
We walked together down the tunnel, walking side by side until they reached the very core of the caverns, where swirling vortexes that leaked into important moments of time floated all around us.
In the very center of it all stood a massive bronze dragon that I knew to be Nozdormu.
"It's been a long time," I said loudly. "I've come to have a chat."
The dragon looked to me and lowered its massive head. It shifting in shape as it lowered to the ground.
"I knew you would come eventually," Nozdormu said as he stepped toward our group. "You've put the pieces together by now."
"Not all of the pieces," I replied. &qu…

Episode 49: Looking for Answers...

Tabetha's Farm: Dustwallow Marsh
The morning sun was rising on the horizon by the time I took my seat at a small wooden table inside of Tabetha's Farmhouse. A cup of warm tea was waiting for me, but I hardly felt like drinking anything right now. Salonis and Keaira on the other hand, tore into the meager meal that Tabetha had prepared for them and still looked like they might eat the table when they were done.
Despite my dry throat and clear signs of dehydration, I wanted nothing to do with any of this.
The door to the farmhouse opened and Lady Evanor stepped inside looking as flustered as ever. She looked to me for a moment and then frowned. "Such a terrible fate," she said. "Sionis, how did you even get out here?"
"Salonis," I replied, pointing to the worgen. "He wrote me a letter and said I needed to seek him out."
"Why did you write to Sepher?" she asked.
"You told me to," Salonis replied. "I have the letter here.&…

Episode 48: So Many of Me

Razorfen Kraul: Southern Barrens
It took almost three hours of flying, but I finally found what I was looking for. At first glance, it looked like nothing more than a tangle of black fur and blue cloth, but as Cookie descended on the object, it quickly took form of a two bodies. I cursed under my breath and when we hit the ground I leapt from the drake, coming to kneel beside them. My heart was pounding in my throat and I was certain that these two were already dead, but when I got close, the two bodies suddenly jumped to life.
"Halt attacker!" the worgen yelled. "I'll tear your limbs from your body!"
"No need for that," I shouted. "You're the one that asked me here!"
The worgen took a moment to look me over before he lowered his weapon and let out a long sigh.
"I wondered if you'd get here in time," Salonis said, his voice deep and gravely, but still shockingly close to my own voice. "I don't have much left in me, I…

Episode 47: Tragedy at Bael Modan

Bael Modan Dig Site: Southern BarrensLong before I reached the dig site, the smoke in the sky had me concerned. The closer I got, the more I understood that I was flying toward tragedy.
I made a low pass over the ruins of the site and saw fresh fire erupting out of ancient windows while screams echoed in the air. I pulled on the drake's reins and brought Cookie down as close as it dared get to the fire. I jumped from the creature and immediately started throwing ice blasts into the burning windows while summoning a water elemental to help kill some of the flames. Not far from the entrance to the building I caught sight of a few survivors huddled together, coughing and tending to burns they had sustained.
"Are there still people in there?" I asked.
"Aye!" a young darwven woman shouted from somewhere in the haze. "Dozens of them! Do you think you can help?"
"I'll do what I can!" I answered, rushing to the dwarf's side. A small thing she wa…

Episode 46: The Mysterious Letter...

Sionis,If I'm correct, you probably don't know my name, but I know you more than you could ever imagine. The truth is, we once lived as a single person. The cataclysm tore us apart just as it sundered the earth beneath our feet. My name is Salonis, but I am you and you are me. You must come speak to me right away. Our lives are in danger now and we're going on the run. Come to the Barrens. You'll find us there.Salonis Lunarfall: Shadowmoon ValleyThe letter arrived by post in the morning. I read it over and over trying to get some piece of information that was clearly not there. The author had made the letter so short, so simple, and yet it was somehow haunting to me... I could have written it, but it was so simple that almost anyone could have written it. The truth of the matter was that I had never heard of a man named Salonis, but not knowing a name didn't mean we had never met. Of course, it was possible that we hadn't met, and this Salonis person simply kne…